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About Custom Peptide Synthesis

About Custom Peptide Synthesis

Today, with the increasing demand, natural peptides are no longer sufficient for clinical, research and research needs. At this time, biochemistry is the proven way to meet this growing need. Most people are looking for truly customizable peptide synthesis as it aids in drug discovery. Resources that can save you a few dollars for custom peptide synthesis are necessary.

1. Basic principles of custom peptide synthesis:

First, the hydroxy group of the hydroxy-terminal amino acid of the peptide chain to be synthesized is connected with an insoluble polymer resin in a covalent bond structure, and then the amino acid bound on the solid phase carrier is used as the amino component to remove the amino protecting group and connect with the same The excess activated carboxyl moiety reacts to lengthen the peptide chain. Repeat the operation (condensation→washing→deprotection→neutralization and washing→the next round of condensation) to reach the length of the peptide chain to be synthesized. Finally, the peptide chain is cleaved from the resin, and after purification, the desired polypeptide is obtained. The α-amino group protected by BOC (tert-butoxycarbonyl) is called BOC solid-phase synthesis method, and the α-amino group protected with FMOC (9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl) is called FMOC solid-phase synthesis method.

2. The need for custom peptide synthesis

The need for peptides is different. They are widely used in the development of enzymes, different drugs, various vaccines and some other applications. Find a peptide synthesis supplier that manufactures highly advanced peptides to ensure the most accurate results and price factor based on the type and scale of your research. Typically, pharmaceutical personnel are interested in this product because the peptide has a specific biological activity associated with low toxicity. The custom peptide synthesis development process is not as easy as it seems. There are some important factors to consider. Such as purification, peptide scale and length, amino acid sequence, packaging, etc.

In addition to commercial use, custom peptide synthesis has many applications in research and development, formulation studies. Peptide manufacturing companies offer these products in solution and powder form. Perform custom peptide synthesis to produce research-grade or batch API peptides. These peptides are modified during synthesis for specific diagnostic and therapeutic uses. There are two types of peptide synthesis processes, such as liquid phase synthesis and solid phase synthesis. The first is used for very short dipeptide synthesis, while the latter is perfect for large-scale production.

Users can search and find the desired peptide according to their specific needs. You can order any quantity from micrograms to massive tons. Peptide synthesis companies give priority to providing high-quality products with biological activity.