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Applications of Custom Peptides You Don't Know About

Applications of Custom Peptides You Don't Know About

1. About custom peptides

Generally, the number of amino acids contained in a peptide is two to nine. According to the number of amino acids in the peptide, the peptide has a variety of different names: the compound formed by the dehydration and condensation of two amino acid molecules is called a dipeptide. There are tripeptides, tetrapeptides, pentapeptides, etc., all the way to nonapeptides. Custom peptide generally refers to a service of artificial peptide synthesis, which refers to the peptide synthesis service that is processed and synthesized according to the needs of customers, such as sequence, purity, molecular weight, etc., to meet specific needs. The molecular weight of the crude product is confirmed by mass spectrometer to determine whether the crude product is MS positive or not, and then the crude product is purified by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to obtain a refined peptide. According to different experiments, different polypeptide purity can be selected. In principle, the higher the purity, the higher the price.

2. Application of custom peptides

You may have heard how custom peptides play an important role in the manufacture of many commercial products, including cosmetics. But you may not know that they have countless other uses besides being a key manufacturing ingredient. They are used in R&D, pharmaceutical and formulation research, and more.

According to peptide manufacturing companies that offer both solution and powder forms, custom peptide synthesis is often used to manufacture research-grade and bulk API peptides to meet specific requirements, such as diagnostic and therapeutic uses. In addition, they are manufacturing for these applications: biological effect measurements; protein functional structural analysis; receptor characterization; protease assays; epitope mapping; antibody production (polyclonal and monoclonal); receptor-ligand interactions; ELISA standards .

There are two ways to customize the peptide synthesis process: liquid-phase process and solid-phase process. The former is mainly used for simple dipeptide synthesis, while the latter is often used for large-scale production of industrial custom peptides. Obtaining high-quality peptides is not a difficult task. The hard and critical part is their storage, which requires specific environments to keep them in top condition. That said, if monologue peptides are required for your application, it is critical to use them immediately because they are highly stable due to their low concentrations.

As the demand for custom peptides prepared by custom peptide synthesis is rapidly increasing, their quality is declining. That's why you need help from a reliable manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture of peptides that best suit your requirements. If you are looking for customer peptides, we will provide you with the highest quality peptides prepared by the highest quality peptide synthesis process.