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Synthesis Route Optimization and Drug Revamping Scheme

In order to enhance the medicine behavior, the precursor compounds of peptide drugs should be modified to increase the half-life, stability and pharmacodynamics. The modification scheme includes cyclization, mutation, truncation, side chain modification (alkylation, PEG, etc.) and N or C terminus modification.

Our company can design reasonable modification strategy for the target peptide according to your requirements. In addition, due to the higher requirements for the synthetic technique of peptides, we also provide the synthetic routes development of such difficult polypeptides.

Nucleosome Assembly

Nucleosome Assembly

Nucleosomes consist of DNA and four histones (H2A, H2B, H3, H4), which are the fundamental structural units of chromatin. Nucleosomes with post-translational modifications are involved in many basic biological processes, such as gene transcription, DNA damage repair and so on. These processes are often accompanied by many major diseases, such as tumors and neurological diseases. It is of great significance to understand the nucleosome revalent processes by nucleosome assembly using synthesized post-translational modified histones.

Nucleosome Assembly Procedures and Application Examples

Nucleosome Assembly

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