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  • How to Rationally Design Peptide Drugs? 17 2021,11 Some people say that the 21st century is the century of peptide drugs, and the fate of this substance between large-molecule proteins and small-molecule compounds is bound to be important for us.Ⅰ. W... Details
  • Principles of Peptides Synthesis 03 2021,11 Ⅰ. What is peptides synthesisPeptides synthesis, also called peptide chain synthesis, is a solid-phase synthesis. The sequence is generally synthesized from the C-terminal (carboxyl terminal) to the ... Details
  • What Are the Benefits of Cu Peptide in Skin Care? 13 2021,10 Ⅰ. The benefits of Cu peptide in skin careThe benefits of copper peptides in skin care have been proven. Copper peptides can work under the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. This is why pepti... Details
  • What Are the Roles of Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5? 06 2021,10 Many consumers see the chemical substance "Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5" in some cosmetics, but they are not clear about the efficacy and role of this substance. Many people want to know about prod... Details
  • The Experimental Technology Principle and Operation Steps of Peptide Synthesis 22 2021,09 Peptide synthesis is a solid-phase synthesis sequence, generally from C-terminal (ammonia terminal) to N-terminal (carboxyl terminal). In the past, peptide synthesis was carried out in solution, which... Details
  • Introduction to PDC Drugs 15 2021,09 Most of the currently used chemotherapeutic agents are highly toxic, resulting in serious side effects. In order to enhance its narrow therapeutic index, selective drug delivery via special carriers r... Details
  • Concept, Classification and Application of Peptide Library 09 2021,09 Peptide library is a collection of a large number of small peptides with specific length and different sequences, which includes the arrangement and combination of various (or most) amino acid sequenc... Details
  • Introduction to SBDD 02 2021,09 Ⅰ.What is SBDD?Structure based drug design (SBDD) is a drug design method based on molecular recognition from the three-dimensional structure of ligands and targets. According to drugs and their targ... Details
  • Introduction of Medicinal chemistry 04 2021,08 Medicinal chemistry is based on chemistry and biology to study the structure and activity of drugs.Ⅰ. Research content of medicinal chemistry1 Drugs with known pharmacological effects and clinical ap... Details