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Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
KS-V Peptide History

KS-V Peptide History

March 2015

The Laboratory of Disease Target Membrane Protein Structure and Function, School of Life Sciences, USTC, and the Toxin Peptide and Drug R&D Laboratory of Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly established the University of Science and Technology of China-Kunming Institute of Zoology Natural Peptide Medicine Joint Laboratory.

June 2017

Engineering Technology Center for Protein and Peptide Medicine Application, Advanced Research Institute of USTC

January 2018

The establishment of Hefei KSV Peptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was jointly initiated by the Advanced Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology, the project team, and Hefei High-tech Construction Investment Group.

October 2019

Won the first prize of "Creative China" Hefei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the second prize of Anhui Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

November 2019

Selected as a young eagle enterprise in Hefei High-tech Zone in 2019

February 2020

Cooperate with SUSIMM to establish a branch in Suzhou and enter the incubation platform of the Suzhou Research Institute

October 2020

Won the title of national high-tech enterprise

December 2020

Jointly with the USTC to successfully apply for "Anhui Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Peptide Drugs"