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Congratulations to Pro. Jia-Bin Li's team and cooperation laboratory for their article published on 《Chemical Communications》 2020-01-08

Pro. Jia-Bin Li's team and his cooperation laboratory have published their paper on《Chemical Communications》entitled "Thiirane linkers directed histone H2A diubiquitination suggests plasticity in 53BP1 recognition".

Polyubiquitination with diverse linkages on histones provides another layer of accuracy and complexity for epigenetic regulation, which is rarely studied. Herein, K27 or K48-diubiquitin modified H2A analogues were chemically synthesized using thiirane linkers. These permitted in vitro binding studies suggested the plasticity of ubiquitin chains in 53BP1 recognition.

We are honored to provide the H2A-K13Ub、H2A-K15DiUb、H4K20me2 for the research. KS-V Peptide specializes in providing customized synthesis of difficult peptides , modification and optimization of pharmaceutical peptide and development of peptide technology for universities, research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies.

Link for the article:

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