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We own many unique or world leading technical abilities in the field of solid phase peptide synthesis. The core members of our R&D team have received PhD at Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China, which provide a strong technical support in the synthesis of difficult peptides. We have powerful advantages in the synthesis of Long Chain Peptides, Hydrophobic Peptide, Single/Multiple Modified Histones, etc.

Total Chemical Synthesis of Long Chain Peptides with More than 400 AAs

Total Chemical Synthesis of Membrane Proteins with More than 130AAs

Total Chemical Synthesis of Peptides with Physiological Functions of More than 4 Pairs of Disulfide Bonds

  • Our advantages:

Fast delivery: Synthesis fast by multiple solid phase synthesis & microwave synthesis equipment

Confidentiality: Strictly confidential for your sequence and sign confidentiality agreement

  • Service scope:

The longest can synthesize a polypeptide composed of more than 400 amino acids.
provide 300+ different peptide modifications
μg level, mg level, g level, kilogram level
Different scales
single peptide, batch peptide, peptide library
70%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%
The peptides can be sub-packed according to customer requirements (free sub-packaging within 10 tubes of each peptide)
Test report
HPLC spectrum, LC/MS spectrum, COA report (If the customer requires, we can provide the following test reports: peptide content, water content, acetic acid content, trifluoroacetic acid content, endotoxin)

  • Order process:

Contact our sales staff at

Provide specific requirements for synthetic peptides, such as sequence, quality and purity and we will quote for you.

Sign contract and arrange the prepayment

Arrange production and delivery after receiving the balance

If the delivery fails or the synthesis fails due to our company's reasons, all synthesized funds will be refunded! (Except for R&D costs)

Welcome to call or email to inquire about peptide synthesis. We will provide you with a competitive quotation and fully support your scientific research!

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Please send us your inquiry(including peptide sequences,purity,quantity,modifications notes, etc.)by message. We will contact  you as soon as possible, usually in 24h in working days. Please send the email to: for bulk order of peptides. Thank you!
A Free Consultation

A Free Consultation

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