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We own many unique or world leading technical abilities in the field of solid phase peptide synthesis. The core members of  our R&D team have received  PhD at Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China , which provide a strong technical support in the synthesis of difficult peptides. We have powerful advantages in the synthesis of Long Chain Peptides , Hydrophobic Peptide, Single/Multiple Modified Histones, etc.

Total Chemical Synthesis of Long Chain Peptides with More than 400 AAs

Total Chemical Synthesis of Membrane Proteins with More than 130 AAs

Total Chemical Synthesis of Peptides with Physiological Functions of More than 4 Pairs of Disulfide Bonds

We offer all common peptide modifications, labels and tags and are committed to synthesize even the most challenging peptides. Peptide synthesis and modifications options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Post-translational Modified Histones
  • Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes
  • Toxins and Analogues
  • Hydrophobic Peptide
  • Multi-cyclic Peptides
  • Peptidomimetics
  • Modification of Disulfide Bonds with Four or More Pairs
  • Mirror-image Protein Synthesis
  • Site-specific Isotope Labelling
  • Single/Multiple Modified Histones
  • Alkylation Modification
  • Non-natural Amino Acid Substitution
  • Cyclization of Diaminodiacid
  • Isotope Labeled Peptide
  • Side Chain Modification (PEG, Alkylation Modification, etc.)
  • Nucleosome Assembly
  • Ubiquitin Products with Pseudoisopeptide Bond
  • Peptide Pooling and Library Service
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A Free Consultation

A Free Consultation

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