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Definition and Development Direction of New Peptide Economy

Definition and Development Direction of New Peptide Economy

With the continuous upgrading and iteration of new technologies such as global gene technology, information technology, omics technology, and disease biology, the peptide industry is gradually transitioning from "classic peptide industry" to "peptide new economic industry". The new economic industry of peptides represented by multifunctional peptides, conjugated peptides, constrained peptides, oral peptides, gene carriers and peptide vaccines will become a new driving force for the development of the industry. The "peptide new economic industry" was first proposed by Weidu Zongheng in contrast to the traditional "classic peptide industry".

1. Definition of peptide new economy

Peptide's new economy refers to the economic form led by the emerging peptide technology industry, which is different from the traditional peptide industry in the past and driven by the revolution of omics technology and bio-information technology under the background of globalization. It includes new technologies, new industries, New formats, and new models, so as to achieve new development and new breakthroughs in the peptide industry. And we are proud to acknowledge that we are one of the best peptide vendors in China at present. 

At present, the development of the world economy has entered a new normal state, and economic development is facing the node of power conversion, and the driving force for the formation of low-cost resources and factor inputs has weakened significantly. To this end, my country has put forward a new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing", focusing on adapting to the new international situation of the restructuring of the world economic structure and a new round of scientific and technological revolution, and focusing on solving the past excessive dependence on foreign investment and demand. , a series of problems arising from individual advances in economic growth. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, one of the purposes of implementing supply-side structural reforms and the "14th Five-Year Plan" bio-economy development plan is to transform the old and new kinetic energy of the economy.

In the past 20 years, China's classic peptide industry has laid a solid manufacturing foundation and service foundation for the development of the peptide industry. The research and application of cosmetic peptides have also been greatly developed. Following the historical new opportunity of innovation to global innovation, it is a new economic form in which the evolution paradigm from technology to economy and capital and technology are deeply bonded.

2. The development direction of the new peptide economy

At present, we also have information about custom peptide library for your reference. The peptide new economy industry is mainly concentrated in the global innovative biomedicine field, starting from the technical iteration of peptide drugs: from the perspective of molecular sources, from the extraction and simple recombination of natural peptides to the rearrangement of the skeleton, the modification of unnatural amino acids, chemical modification, based on Non-natural peptides and constrained peptides in the library, etc.; from the perspective of molecular function and form, an upgrade from monofunctional peptides to multifunctional peptides, conjugated peptides, vaccines, and delivery vehicles with higher clinical value; from the perspective of administration routes and preparations, upgrade from injection to oral preparation, inhalation, etc.