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Peptide Library

Peptide library is widely used in the study of protein correlation. Peptide library is a powerful screening tool in life science research. Due to the increasing interest in peptide drug and vaccine development, immunotherapy and proteomics, the demand for peptide library is increasing. It is used to screen peptides with few critical biological activities from a large number of peptides.

Construction of Custom Peptide Library

The purity of the crude peptide library is 30% - 80% (depending on the characteristics of the peptide sequence).

The peptide library provide different purity as required:70%, > 80%, > 98%.

The length of each peptide is 5-20 amino acids.

Generally, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks, which can be directly used for subsequent experiments.

Strict quality control: provide LC / MS and HPLC identification results for each peptide product.

Service Characteristics

1. Automatic synthesis platform: ensure to provide high quality, high purity, no batch difference peptide.

2. No cross contamination: directly freeze dry peptide in orifice or single tube to avoid cross contamination.

3. Comprehensive modification services.

4. Strict quality control: LC / MS and HPLC identification results are provided for each peptide product.

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