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Introduction of Medicinal chemistry

Introduction of Medicinal chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is based on chemistry and biology to study the structure and activity of drugs.

Ⅰ. Research content of medicinal chemistry

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1 Drugs with known pharmacological effects and clinical application, including their preparation methods. Analyze and confirm the quality control, structural transformation, and the relationship between chemical structure and pharmacological activity.

2. Design and innovate drugs from the perspective of biology and chemistry, mainly studying the physical and chemical process of the interaction between drugs and organisms and revealing the action mechanism and mode of drugs at the molecular level.

Ⅱ. Development of medicinal chemistry

1. At the end of the 19th century, the rise of the chemical industry and the establishment of the concept of Ehrlich chemotherapy laid the foundation for the synthesis and progress of chemical drugs at the beginning of this century.

2. In the mid-1930s, after the discovery of Prontosil and sulfonamides, a series of sulfonamides were synthesized. Most chemical drugs were found in the 1930s and 1940s, which was a harvest era in the history of medicinal chemistry.

3. After entering the 1950s, the number of new drugs was less than in the initial stage, and the action mechanism and metabolic changes of drugs in the body were gradually clarified, which led to the connection of physiological and biochemical effects and the search for new drugs according to the etiology, and improved the method of looking for new drugs only from the effective groups or basic structure of drugs.

4. After norfloxacin was used in clinics in the early 1980s, it quickly set off a research upsurge of quinolone antibiotics, and a series of antibiotics were synthesized one after another. The advent of these antibiotics and some new antibiotics is considered to be an important milestone in the development history of synthetic antibiotics.

5. Among the new drugs on the market since the early 1990s, biotechnology products account for a large proportion and have a rapid upward trend.

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Promoting scientific and technological progress and economic development will be the main task facing us. Life sciences and information sciences will develop day by day and become active fields in the next century. This provides an important foundation for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the research of new drugs. The close integration of medicinal chemistry with biology and biotechnology and mutual promotion is still the general trend of future development.