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KS-V Peptide Participated in the 19th CPhI China 2019-06-27

KS-V Peptide Participated in the 19th CPhI China

——Embedding into the Global Pharmaceutical Value Chain

A three-day itinerary of KS-V Peptide to the 19th CPhI China came to a successful conclusion. As a global event of the international pharmaceutical industry, CPhI is a comprehensive platform for displaying images, promoting brands and releasing new products, attracting a large number of outstanding enterprises and professional representatives from around the world. KS-V Peptide has become a highlight in the exhibition with its strong scientific and technological innovation strength and high-quality products. Many potential customers visited our booth to consult the products during the exhibition.

At present, biopharmaceuticals have become the fastest growing, most energetic and most technologically advanced areas in the pharmaceutical industry. Domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are rushing to development.

Hefei KS-V Peptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd.(KSVP) specializes in providing customized synthesis of difficult peptides (including Toxins and Analogues, Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes, Post-transcriptional Histones and Nucleosome Assembly), modification and optimization of pharmaceutical peptide(PEG, Alkylation Modification, etc.)and development of peptide technology for universities, research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies.

In the field of peptides chemical synthesis, KS-V Peptide owns many unique or international leading technical abilities for the synthesis of difficult peptides.

KS-V Peptide shows its specialization, internationalization and high-end through this Expo. By keeping faith with the service concept of safety first, quality first, high efficiency and innovation, adhering to the customer-centered service purpose and carrying out quality control in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, KSVP is committed to providing diversified and point-to-point precise products and services to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

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