Medicinal chemistry:

KS-V Peptide uses its rich experience in medicinal chemistry to quickly and efficiently promote customers' drug research and development projects, and promote the new drug process to enter the identification of candidates and clinical research of new drugs earlier.We are responsible for the partner’s target compound discovery (HI), lead compound discovery (LG) and lead compound optimization (LO) projects.

KS-V Peptide medicinal chemistry team provides the following services:

  • (1) High-throughput screening and active compound discovery based on structure design
  • (2) Discovery of active compound to lead compound
  • (3) Optimization of lead compounds to determination of preclinical drug candidates(4) Feasibility assessment of new drug targets
  • (5) Patent preparation and application
  • (6) ELN system records
  • (7) Architectural design for the discovery of target compounds
  • (8) Synthetic peptide library for lead compound discovery (LG) and lead compound optimization (LO)
  • (9) Structure-activity relationship analysis using in vitro and in vivo data
  • (10) Non-GMP amplification to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
  • (11) Recommend appropriate DMPK and in vitro toxicology studies to help advance key compounds
  • (12) Project management

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