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"Peptide Center" was reported on CCTV News as a typical example of scientific and technological innovation 2019-05-13

On May 11, CCTV News Broadcast headlined the blockbuster newsletter "New Vitality of China's Economy: Initial Innovation Stimulates and Cultivates New Kinetic Energy".

Taking Shenzhen and Hefei as examples, it reported the growth of China's original technological innovation ability in recent years, as well as the fact of basic research and original innovation. The path from laboratory to market is getting shorter and shorter. Protein and Peptide Drugs Application Engineering Technology Center, Institute of Advanced Technology of USTC (here after referred to as "Peptide Center")  has appeared as a typical example of scientific and technological innovation.

Peptide Center is one of the first five applied engineering technology centers launched by Institute of Advanced Technology of USTC. The research and synthesis technology of peptide has reached the international leading level in the relevant scientific research fields.

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