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The biological activity of peptide is extensive and important, and it can act on endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and so on. Although the history of peptide as pharmaceuticals is relatively short, it develops rapidly and has become a hot spot of the market. In the past decades, the number of peptide drugs entering clinical stage has been increasing, such as Octreotide acetate, Semaglutide, Liraglutide, Lanreotide, Vasopressin, Edotreotide, Thymopentin, etc. With the rapid development of synthetic technology, the development of peptide drugs will make great breakthroughs. Peptide will become a large class of products in the international pharmaceutical market. Its market prospects will be remarkable.

The structure of peptide molecule is becoming more complex, such as polycyclic peptide, long chain peptide, alkylation modification and other difficult peptides. The synthetic technique has been increasingly difficult to meet the demand. In order to improve the activity, structure diversity and stability of peptide drugs, synthetic technique has been put forward to higher requirements in the aspects of chemical modification.

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