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Types of Peptides For Sale

Relying on the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University, Hefei KS-V Peptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has a number of intentional lading technologies in the field of peptide and protein total synthesis. The project team can provide various types and multi-modified biological reagents using chemical synthesis methods. Products including modified histones, ubiquitin, and ubiquitin probes toxin peptides, APIs (Semaglutide, Plecanati-de, Octreotide, Edotreotide, etc.) and Cosmetic Peptide are on the peptide list of KS-V.

  • Modified Histone Modified Histone
    Modified Histone
    We provide a variety of modified histones catalog products. Customized synthesis can also be made according to your requirements, from pug to grade with 70% to 99% purity. They can be applied to nucleosome assembly and the subsequent study of biochemical function and structure.
  • Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes
    Ubiquitins and Ubiquitin Probes
    Ubiquitin, ubiquitin chains, and their derivatives are indispensable molecular tools for studying the structure and function of proteins Ubiquitylation.
  • Peptide Toxin Peptide Toxin
    Peptide Toxin
    Our toxin peptides are from different sources target various channels, ranging from ug to g with purity ranging from 70% to 99%.
  • Cosmetic Peptide Cosmetic Peptide
    Cosmetic Peptide
    Small molecule peptides are non-toxic, highly active, and easy to absorb. They also have special physiological activities. They can essentially improve a series of skin problems.
  • APIs APIs
    The biological activity of peptides is extensive and important, and they can act on the endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and so on.


  • Centricity customer & service
    01 Centricity customer & service

    We provide the best quality products and services in the industry, and we have professional knowledge and rich experience in the field of peptide development and production.

  • High-quality products
    02 High-quality products

    KS-V Peptide is a leading peptide company in peptide developing and manufacturing.

  • Love and passion
    03 Love and passion

    Our employees are full of love for the biological field and full of enthusiasm for peptide synthesis and peptide manufacturing, which builds the foundation of our success.

  • Sustainability
    04 Sustainability

    We believe that ethically correct behavior and integrity are essential to long-term business success, so we constantly monitor and improve our social, economic and environmental performance.

Buy Peptides from KS-V Peptide — Order Now

Buy Peptides from KS-V Peptide — Order Now

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What is the Net Content (Peptide Content) of Peptide and What is its Significance?

The weight of dry peptide contains not only the peptide but also some non-peptide components such as water, absorbed solvent, ligand ions and salt. The net content of peptide is the weight percentage of peptide in it, this percentage has a wide range of values, may be from 50% to 90%, depending on the purity, sequence and the method of synthesis and purification, do not confuse the net content of peptide with the purity of peptide, they are two completely different concepts. Purity is usually determined by HPLC. The purity is defined as the percentage of peptide samples containing the correct sequence of components, while the net peptide content is the percentage of peptides in the sample relative to non-peptides, and the net peptide content is usually determined by amino acid fraction analysis or UV spectroscopy. This information is mainly important for calculating the peptide concentration in some experiments that are sensitive to the peptide concentration.

How to Store the Synthesized Peptide?

How to Store the Synthesized Peptide?

Peptides generally need to be stored away from light for long term storage and should be stored at -20 degrees, and can be stored at 4 degrees for short term. It can be transported at room temperature for a short time. Peptides are stable at -20°C, especially after being freeze dried and stored in desiccators. Before exposing them to air, freeze dried peptides can be put at room temperature. This will be less affected by humidity, and when freeze-drying is not possible, the best method is to store them in small working sample volumes. For Cys, Met or TrP containing peptides, deoxidation buffer is essential for their solubilization, because such types of peptides can be easily oxidized by air, and the slow flow of nitrogen or argon through the peptide before sealing the bottle will also reduce the oxidation effect. Peptides containing Gln or Asn are also susceptible to degradation, and all these peptides have a limited life span compared to those that do not contain these problematic simple ones.