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Cosmetic Peptide

Cosmetic Peptide

As an active peptide company, we are proud to announce that small molecule cosmetic peptides are non-toxic, highly active, and easy to absorb according to present research. The cosmetic peptides for sale also have special physiological activities. They can essentially improve a series of skin problems. They are very effective in cosmetics.

Due to the remarkable beauty effects of peptide beauty products, more and more effective biologically active peptides have been applied to the cosmetics industry. At present, famous foreign cosmetic raw materials manufacturers have launched nearly 50 types of raw materials. One of the eternal and most important themes of skincare products is anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. The usage of cosmeceutical peptides is still focused on this aspect. Due to the complexity of the causes of aging, various beauty peptides exert unique effects with different mechanisms to achieve the purpose of anti-wrinkle. At the same time, many types of cosmeceutical peptides with other special functions have emerged, such as whitening and removing spots, breast enhancement, slimming, promoting hair growth, and wound repair.

Cosmetic Peptide-R&D Platform

As a broad peptide company, we also have cosmetic peptides for sale.  We have four major technology platforms: enzyme screening and modification technology platform, fermentation technology platform, biosynthesis technology platform and green chemistry technology platform.

Enzyme screening and modification technology platform: mastering advanced high-throughput screening technology, gene cloning, modification and expression technology, capable of discovering functional enzyme sources from huge enzymatic resources, optimizing and modifying the most suitable enzyme molecules for enzyme screening, evolution and immobilization.

Fermentation technology platform: using microbial technology, from strain screening, seed bank establishment, development and industrialization of the fermentation process.

Biosynthesis technology platform: By improving the existing synthesis routes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we complete the design and optimization of biosynthesis routes to carry out biosynthesis of peptides, sugars and nucleotides.

Green Chemistry Technology Platform: Currently, we have peptide technology platforms such as solid phase/liquid phase synthesis, chromatographic separation, membrane concentration/purification, and lyophilization; and molecular block technology platforms based on continuous flow technology and photocatalysis technology.  The platforms mentioned aboved are all devoted to perfect cosmeceutical  peptides that customers want to buy to make sure the good quality.