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Promote Academic Exchanges, Focus on Human Health 2019-10-29

Promote Academic Exchanges, Focus on Human Health

 ——KS-V Peptide Attended ASBMB-BSC International Conference on Genome Stability and Performance Genetic Regulation

The four-day International Conference on Genome Stability and Performance Genetic Regulation was successfully concluded in Suzhou on October 24. The theme of this conference is "Epigenetics and Human Health".

The International Conference on Genome Stability and Performance Genetic Regulation is jointly organized by Biophysical Society of China (BSC) and American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).The conference is planned to be held every two years in turn in China and the United States, sponsored by BSC and ASBMB respectively.

KS-V Peptide participated in the conference as a platinum sponsor. While focusing on high-quality peptide products and services, KS-V Peptide are committed to promoting the research and development of innovative peptide drugs. And KS-V Peptide also pay attention to the trends of relevant academic conferences and supporting the development of scientific researches actively. During the conference, KS-V Peptide provided some free samples for universities and scientific research institutes for trial use.

Dr. Guo Xiaoqi, technical director of KS-V Peptide, was invited to share a report of "Chemical Synthesis of Histon Related Peptides and Proteins with Post-translational Modifications" at the symposium. Dr. Guo introduced the professional R&D team and products such as ubiquitin and modified histone of KS-V Peptide at the end of his report as well.

After the report, many teachers and students from Harvard University, Wuhan University, BSC and other universities or research institutes came to our company's booth for technical communication and business consultation.

In order to enliven the atmosphere and let the participants communicate in a relaxed and pleasant mood during the coffee break time, KS-V Peptide specially prepared the lottery for the participants.

KS-V Peptide will continue to strengthen the cooperation between the academic and business communities, and make a contribute to the prosperity and development of pharmaceutical industry.

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