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Structural Biology

Category: Biology

● Protein expression and purification ● NMR technology platform ● Cryo-EM technology platform

Detatiled introduction

KS-V Peptide has the advantage of being engaged in structure analysis based on X-ray crystallography, NMR and cryo-electron microscopy (including equipment resources, experts, technology and market), especially in NMR analysis of peptide drug structures, the company's strength ranks first in China and has carried out commercial cooperation with many domestic listed companies. The scientific research team has experience and human resources engaged in the structural analysis and analysis of drug/target complexes based on cryo-electron microscopy, as well as structure-based drug transformation, which belongs to the first phalanx in China.

Cryo-EM SPA single particle method

Advantage technology

  • The sample does not need to be crystallized

  • Measured in frozen water, in a state similar to the in vivo environment of living organisms

  • Low sample consumption, < 0.1 mg

  • Suitable for soluble protein, membrane protein, super large protein complex

Application scenarios

  • Structural biology research: biological macromolecules, especially proteins or large complexes that are difficult to crystallize.

  • Infectious disease research

  • drug discovery

NMR application scenarios

  • chemical structure characterization

  • Interaction and kinetic studies

  • Three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules

  • Complex system analysis

  • quality control of drugs

  • drug discovery and screening

  • Drug metabolism and metabolomics research

  • Efficient spectrum collection, professional attribution, high-quality service, fast delivery