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Synthetic Chemistry

Category: Chemistry

Total chemical synthesis of long-chain polypeptides with more than 400 amino acids

Chemical total synthesis of membrane proteins greater than 130 amino acids (hydrophobic peptide solubilization technology)

The total chemical synthesis of polypeptides with more than 4 pairs of disulfide bonds and physiological functions can provide design process amplification routes and process transformation and optimization services.

Detailed introduction

The synthetic chemistry team of KS-V Peptide has extensive and in-depth expertise in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, can independently design compound synthesis routes, and has extensive experience in handling complex compounds to help accelerate customers' drug discovery development. Scientific ethics is of the utmost importance to us, and we do our best to safeguard our clients' intellectual property rights and ensure data integrity. In addition, our projects follow green chemistry principles.

Synthetic Chemistry Services:

  • Synthesis of high-quality compounds from milligrams to kilograms

  • Synthesis of structurally new molecules

  • Synthesis of positive compounds and molecular probes

  • Synthesis of special reagents, intermediates and molecular fragments

  • Preparation of API or related substances

  • Synthesis of standards

  • Synthetic design and preparation of impurities or metabolites

  • Synthesis of stable isotope internal standards

  • Synthesis and resolution of chiral compounds

  • Analysis support

  • Delivery of product analysis reports