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What Are the Benefits of Cu Peptide in Skin Care?

What Are the Benefits of Cu Peptide in Skin Care?

Ⅰ. The benefits of Cu peptide in skincare

The benefits of copper peptides in skincare have been proven. Copper peptides can work under the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin. This is why peptides help to produce elastin in collagen deep in skin tissues. In general, copper peptides have a greater anti-aging effect on the skin. The following are some of the benefits of copper peptides in skin care.

1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles. According to a study of the peptide of cu cosmetics, it can help reduce the growth of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen. Over time, collagen may help "volume" your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Tighten the skin. In addition to increasing collagen production, copper peptides are said to also help increase elastin.

3. Even skin tone. There are many types of peptides, such as 

gsh peptide and copper peptides stand out from other types of peptides because they can potentially repair your skin and even out skin tone. It is believed that copper peptides may remove damaged connective tissue on the skin while adding new connective tissue. This may reduce the appearance of age spots, acne, scars, and other causes of uneven skin tone.

4. Antioxidant effect. Copper peptides also have an antioxidant effect on the skin, which can reduce inflammation and prevent further damage.

Ⅱ. How to use Cu peptide for skin and hair care?

As a peptide supplier, we know that copper peptides can be used in serums and facial moisturizers. However, it is not recommended to use peptide-containing cleaners, as any effect will disappear after use.

1. Copper peptide serum, copper peptide is the most prominent in the form of serum. To use it for hair growth, put a few drops of serum on the scalp. Massage it gently with fingertips, no need to rinse. For skin problems, please add your copper peptide serum to your skincare routine in the following order: cleanser, toner, copper peptide serum, sunscreen (morning), cream or moisturizing lotion (morning, afternoon or evening).

2. Facial moisturizing cream. Some facial moisturizers also contain copper peptides. For best results, choose creams for dry skin and lotions for typical to oily skin. Use twice a day in the morning and evening, and gently apply skin care products upwards.

Copper peptides can penetrate under the epidermis of the face and scalp and may help build collagen and elastin. Other anti-aging effects are also possible, including reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Nonetheless, more research is needed to determine whether copper peptides are guaranteed to promote hair growth and youthful skin. If you have specific hair or skin problems and want to add copper peptides to your daily skin care, please consult a dermatologist.